Organization: Mosaik Solutions


Job Summary

The position of GIS Analyst/Programmer will assist with the maintenance and expansion of the Mosaik Solutions product and service database. This position will specifically assist the company with the maintenance of our spatial data stores, spatial data processing, and analytical functions. This will include development of custom tooling to meet specific recurring tasks, and the maintenance of existing custom tools already in use.

This position is based at the Mosaik Solutions headquarters in Memphis, TN and reports to the Manager of Geographic Information Services.

Key Responsibilities

  • Analyze Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to identify spatial relationships or display results of analyses, using maps, graphs, or tabular data.
  • Maintain or modify existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases.
  • Enter data into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases, using techniques such as coordinate geometry, keyboard entry of tabular data, manual digitizing of maps, scanning or automatic conversion to vectors, or conversion of other sources of digital data.
  • See listing for additional requirements.