Planning & Mapping Analyst

Organization: City of Memphis
Title: Planning & Mapping Analyst
Job #: 15-120
Location: Memphis, TN
Application Deadline: June 19, 2015
Annual Salary: $42,120.00 – $64,022.40


Works under the direction of the Planning and Development Manager in managing and coordinating the Geographical Information System (GIS) and /or Auto-Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD) and data management system activities to include the development, implementation, preparation of plans, specifications, maps, reports, and studies. Monitors and coordinates the neighborhood redevelopment and planning functions for the Planning and Grants Service Center. Collects data and tracks conditions and progress over time in neighborhoods and communities targeted for redevelopment. Utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping software to analyze data and monitor revitalization activities for the division. Develops charts, models, maps and other visual presentations to illustrate the results and present to staff and general public on a regular basis. Maintains various types of supporting mapping data into applicable database formats, such as spreadsheets and shape files, for the division. Researches, analyzes and compiles a significant amount of data to prepare various required reports according to government regulations. Creates goals and objectives and identifies and evaluates community needs from compiled data. Conducts mapping research to ensure accurate use of data. Responds to questions and concerns from other staff members. Collects and manages data to analyze programs, projects, and geographic areas. Ensures that data is collected properly and is accurate and organized in a way that guides decision making. Develops, improves, manages, and implements the GIS and data management systems within the Division of Housing and Community Development and the Memphis Housing Authority. Makes on-site visits to various properties to survey and verify computer data. Attends various meetings. Takes digital photographs to document project/properties survey data. Assists in the development of plans, including the Consolidated Plan 3-year strategy and annual, agency, and neighborhood plans. Participates in the coordination of the Disaster Response and Recovery Plan for the Division. Creates and prepares a variety of correspondence, proposals, memoranda, and other written documents by utilizing various computer applications. Interacts and communicates verbally and in writing with general public, management, and staff on a variety of issues and concerns.